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Band Members:

Matt McClelland -- guitars, vocals
John E. Bohmer -- bass, vocals, moog
Bruce Lamont -- vocals, saxophone, bass, clarinet
James Staffel -- drums, percussion, shakuhachi


01. Meat Curtains
02. Egocide
03. Congestive Art-Failure
04. Praying For Asteroids
05. Raus
06. Steal The Fire
07. THe Blinding
08. Existence Into Oblivion
09. Perception Management
10. Black Market Liver
11. Zombies

I love this band. They play a mixture of jazz, world beat, post-rock ambience, and any other fucking shit they can incorporate into their brand of metal which has no description or label which is quite cool with me. They play whatever they want to basically. People like all these neat little packages because they're afraid of the unknown I think. All of the songs are so different from each other but yet the record flows quite well. They know how to put this shit together. They can switch moods in the blink of an eye. Even within the same song. It's just one of those records that you have to listen to. These guys are not afraid to experiment with their sound and that is what makes them original and keeps an audience's attention. I think the album title definitely fits.