Band Website:
Hammers Of Misfortune


Band Members:

John Cobbett -- electric, lead, & acoustic guitars
Mike Scalzi -- vocals, guitar
Jamie Myers -- vocals, bass
Sigrid Sheie -- acoustic & electric piano, Hammond B3, backing vocals
Chewy -- drums


01. The Locust Years
02. We Are The Widows
03. Trot Out The Dead
04. Famine's Lamp
05. Chastity Rides
06. War Anthem
07. Eelction Day
08. Widow's Wall

This has to be rock opera at its best. This is not only classic prog rock but future prog rock too. There are beautiful melodies on here and melodic singing. The harmonies are outstanding and you can tell that all the musicians are talented at playing their instruments. The songs naturally have varying tempos but they flow together smoothly. It's like an acoustic version of a movie with its tense moments, its tender moments, its moments of action, and its conclusion. Apparently the CD is an ominous reminder of how things are turning to shit in a hurry but with such beautiful melodies and galloping songs that you actually enjoy listening to how things are going to hell. This is definitely an incredible release.