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Gifts From Enola


Band Members:

Brandon Salter -- bass, programming
Brain Woods -- guitars, loops
Michael Clark -- drums, percussion, piano
Gifts From Enola:
Nate Dominy -- bass
Andrew Barnes -- guitar
CJ Deluca -- guitar
Jordan Endahl -- drums


01. The Sound Of Titans
02. In Case I Should Die...
03. Mitchell Vs. Rowesdower
04. Seagulls = Sea Eagles
05. Let's Have Sarcasm For Breakfast
Gifts From Enola:
06. The Sun's Condolences
07. Still Walks The Streets
08. 10/7
09. The Vision Of Rudy Turpin
10. Dusk Swallowed Dawn

I've stated many times that I'm not the hugest fan of instrumental music but yet all the CDs I've received for review of instrumental music have really blown my mind. It's actually turned me onto listening to that type of music and realizing that I can enjoy music without someone singing over it. I've listened to this CD several times and I really love the music on here. It's innovative, creative, and really enjoyable. It's music that's labeled as math rock which basically means that there's a lot of thought and musical ability that goes into each song. Both of these bands are pretty similar style wise even though the more you listen to the record the more you realize differences as well. They both have different interpretations of the this type of musical output. You.May.Die.In.The.Desert is very atmospheric and ethereal and each song is a sonic experiment that explores different nuances of sound. I think that Gifts From Enola is a bit more heavier sound wise and combines hard rock with distortion. All in all a very good listen and a release that further draws me into the instrumental music scene.