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01. Cherub Rock - Roses Are Red
02. Jelly Belly - A Thorn For Every Heart
03. Soma - Poison The Well
04. Mayonaise - Emanuel
05. Today - Armor For Sleep
06. Eye - Hopesfall
07. The Everlasting Gaze - A Static Lullaby
08. 1979 - Vaux
09. Zero - 32 Leaves
10. We Only Come Out At Night - Murder By Death
11. Quiet - Eighteen Visions

This is a pretty bitching tribute CD. I think every band pretty much nailed these songs. A lot of the bands tried to stay true to the original versions but a couple of them put their own style into the songs. One thing I did notice is that the songs are stripped down a bit. None of that glossy production here. This is raw stuff and it makes you understand why Smashing Pumpkins were so good to begin with. I think a lot of it had to do with the songwriting and just knowing how to craft good song structures. I actually liked the fact that the is a good array of bands on this that come from different genres to pay tribute to the Pumpkins the only way you can, acknowledge their influence and keep the songs alive.