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Band Members:

Matt Wannamaker -- guitar
Brian Sheerin -- vocals
Dominic Moscatello -- vocals
Chris McCredie -- bass
Ryan Toth -- drums


01. American Psycho
02. Road Rage
03. 10' X 10'
04. The End
05. Look Away
06. Broken Hands
07. Mpyp
08. General Admission
09. U Turn
10. Undone
11. Not For You
12. L.A. Riot
13. Zone
14. Seedless
15. California Dreamin'

I really liked this CD. I liked the diversity on it. There isn't just one style of doing things. Whatever the song requires is what it gets. Stylistically they are a combination of punk and hardcore and just metal. The songs vary between gruff vocals and clean vocals with just the right mix. The song structures can be totally metal or have some good groove in them. There are two vocalists in the band and that adds to the overall charm of the band. I also like their take on "California Dreamin'". I can honestly say there is no filler material on here. You won't get bored.