Band Website:
Bullets And Octane

Band Members:

Gene Louis -- vocals
James Daniel -- guitars
Brent Clawson -- bass
Ty Smith -- drums


01. Going Blind
02. My Disease
03. Save Me Sorrow
04. I Ain't Your Savior
05. Cancer California
06. Last Mistake
07. Signed In Alcohol
08. Queen Mirage
09. Caving In
10. Bathroom Floor
11. All Hail Halo
12. Mine Now

This CD is something I've needed for a while. A good fix of explosive music from start to finish. The songs are very energetic with awesome riffs and a great vocal style. The songs are very well structured and the lyrical content is definitely quite mature and well thought out. This is what rock and roll needs to sound like and nicely enough the guys are very nice eye candy as well. For some reason attractive rock singers seemed to be a thing of the past but apparently there are some young guys who think differently. I highly recommend this CD. You won't be disappointed.