Band Website:
Your Highness Electric


Band Members:

Brad Magers -- bass, horns, percussion
Brandon Bondehagen -- vocals, guitars, rhodes, percussion
Bob Scott -- guitars


01. Ain't No Not
02. Our Albatrosses
03. Man The Doublewise
04. Wine Red Lips
05. Handing Out Hairlips
06. We Kentuckians
07. The World's Biggest Necklace
08. Bearskin Love
09. Army Green
10. Apocalypse Town
11. Bob.Sugar.Sex.Magic
12. Picture That With Teeth
13. Carnal Knowledge
14. Know Gods, Know Masters
15. Le Titout

This is another cool release that came across my desk that rocks with vigor and swagger. Totally unpretentious rock music with good guitar riffs and an interesting vocal delivery. It definitely has a Led Zeppelin feel to it with a real bluesy rock vibe. These lads know how to write good tunes and deliver them with great guitar riffs, solid drumming, and a vocal delivery that is a cross between Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother but delivers a rock solid punch. All the tunes are solid rockers that won't disappoint.