Band Website:
Adam Website

Band Members:

Adam Zwig -- vocals, guitar, bass
Jonathan Plum -- bass
Brandon Harper -- drums
Joe Carolus -- piano, B-3, accordian
Joe Doria -- B-3
Paul Brainard -- steel pedal


01. Castaways
02. Who Killed Michael Vaughn
03. Once A True Love
04. It's All Gonna Fall
05. I Think He Understands
06. Darken Days
07. On The Seas
08. Eagles Coat
09. I Don't Think About You
10. False Messiah
11. Freedom Flashing
12. It's All Gonna Fall (acoustic)
13. Morning On Dover Road

Wow, this dude used to play guitar for a band called Shiftchangers and now he's kind of stepped back from the whole rock thing and released a record that's bluesy and folksy and reminds you of Bob Dylan without the nasal singing. Would you believe his day job is as a pschotherapist? That type of job should definitely provide a wealth of material for songwriting. I guess this is what you would call introspective music because he explores a lot of the things that you sit around thinking about on any given day. The music is pretty serene and the vocals are nice and soothing and you find yourself really enjoying the melodies as you sit back just flow with the music. His lyrics are extremely thought provoking so kick back and take a listen. You won't regret it.